In February, 2008, Mauri Sanchis has been signed as endorser by the legendary synth-maker, Moog.

“The album that attracted me to music was Vangelis’ Chariots of fire. After that it came Jean Michel Jarre’s Rendez-Vous, followed by albums by Mike Oldfield, Alan Parsons, Rick Wakeman, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and a long list of musicians joined by a very peculiar sound, the Moog Sound.
Funny thing is that already more than 20 years passed and such sound still is present in my modern favorite albums from Marcus Miller, Roy Hargrove, Medeski Martin & Wood or, even, Black Eye Peas. This is the reason why becoming part of the Moog family as endorser makes me so proud. A sound, a name that has been part of my life and now I will be able to use in my music thanks to the new Moogs that offer both the most modern technology with their 100% analog character.” Mauri Sanchis

Fron now on, we will see Mauri playing live with the new Moog Little Phatty Stage Edition.

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Click here if you want to hear the tune Thursday with all its sounds out of the Little Phatty.

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